Organize a Fundraiser
Want to fundraise your way? By organizing a Third Party Fundraiser, can do just that. You are excited about the idea, but the question is, where do you begin? There’s no need to panic. As with everything else, a good fundraiser starts with a good idea and a good cause - and the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan is a great one! 

Step #1:  First, you will need to fill out the Third Party Fundraising Proposal.

Step #2:  Next, you will need to send it to the Foundation for approval.

Step #3:  Someone from the Development Department will contact you to discuss your idea and seek approval from the Foundation President.

Here are some helpful hints when thinking about planning a Third Party Event:

  • Go with what you know! The best place to start is with the relationships and interests that you may already have. If you enjoy bowling, consider holding a bowl-a-thon…if you enjoy euchre, consider having a Euchre Party…if you enjoy wine, consider holding a wine-tasting party at your home! By taking that route, you are likely to know a group of people that would want to attend your event, and after all, the goal of these events is to bring people together to raise funds and have fun. If you want assistance with thinking of ideas, please contact Andrea Schotthoefer (ext. 1231) in the Development Department. 
  • Keep it simple! Especially if this is the first time you have organized a fundraiser, we highly recommend not making the event too elaborate or complicated. Organizing a fundraiser will require your time and energy and is extremely rewarding. The goal is to raise revenue and awareness for the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan - and “keeping it simple” will help you in achieving this goal!