Rare Epilepsies Conference

May 7-8, 2021

With 3.4 million people diagnosed with epilepsy in the US and 1 in 26 people developing the disorder in their lifetime, an increasing number of people are being diagnosed with a form of rare epilepsy. Though advances in research and genetics are resulting in an increased understanding of many of these syndromes, there is still much to learn. Rare epilepsies such as Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, Doose Syndrome, Dravet Syndrome, and others can greatly alter a person’s life, and the more we can understand them, the better equipped we are to fight the challenges they can present.

Join the Epilepsy Foundations of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Greater Chicago for the free and virtual Upper Midwest Rare Epilepsies Conference on May 7-8, 2021. Hear from leading specialists and those living with a rare epilepsy as they present on topics including research, therapies, day-to-day management, and planning for the future.

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