At just two days old, Kyla experienced her first recognizable seizure. A nearby nurse saw her lips trembling and immediately took her to the NICU. After spinal taps, MRIs, CT scans, ultrasounds, and EEGs, our questions remained unanswered; we were sent home with a prescription and an appointment for another EEG a few months down the line. With the follow-up EEG showing no signs of seizure activity, we were grateful to put that experience behind us and Kyla was fully weaned off of her medication.
But, one week before her second birthday, Kyla’s babysitter noticed jerking movements while she slept. We rushed her to the emergency room, where we were told again there weren’t any visible abnormalities. But like so many other epilepsy journeys, exactly two weeks later, the jerking movements returned and it was then that Kyla was officially diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of two.

As a mother, I couldn’t have been more worried about how this new diagnosis was going to affect Kyla’s life. I always feel the need to be around her at every moment, checking in to make sure she’s okay. When making any plans, I try to always prepare for the worst.  And after a seizure, Kyla isn’t her usual self for a handful of days. The days afterwards are typically filled with sleep, grogginess, and an ever-changing mood. One of Kyla’s biggest challenges now is with school; I constantly worry about her falling behind, and knowing that her next seizure could happen at anytime and anywhere.

But, we are so grateful to have found the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan. They give us guidance; they give us hope.


At the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan, we know that an epilepsy diagnosis is only the tip of the iceberg.
When you call our Here for You Helpline, you’re connected with a real person that understands the challenges that come with living with epilepsy. When you attend one of our conferences, you’re hearing from some of the best doctors and health advocates regarding the newest and most innovative epilepsy care. Our commitment is simple; the epilepsy community deserves the best, and that is what we strive to do.
No one should feel alone on their epilepsy journey; that is why we’re here. The need is greater now more than over. Please support our mission by making your meaningful gift today. DONATE TODAY.