Joshua is 6, and he has epilepsy. His epilepsy journey is challenging- yet full of hope.

The VanTiem's Story:

It was August of 2016 - just a month before Joshua's third birthday - and we were on vacation in Traverse City. Joshua was having a snack and looking at the water when he suddenly began to choke.  We quickly realized this was a much different type of "choking."  He started shaking and fell to the ground. We noticed his eyes rolling back into his head. It only lasted about a minute, but it felt like forever.

We called an ambulance and were taken to the hospital, where they took blood work and observed him for a few hours. Then, we were sent home with a prescription and advised to follow up with his pediatrician. We felt helpless.

We prayed it was a one-time occurrence but exactly one week later, Joshua had another one. Then he had a third seizure, this time in the bathtub.  Luckily we were right there, able to safely remove him from the tub and lay him down.

Once we got in to see the neurologist, they explained that Joshua has epilepsy.  We cancelled any plans that would involve us being away from him. We got up several times per night or slept in the same bed with him to make sure he was okay.  This made for sleepless nights and endless worry.  CLICK HERE TO READ JOSHUA'S FULL STORY

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