Camp Champ Giving Society

Providing camp to children and teens with epilepsy has the power to change their lives. Epilepsy can be very isolating and can deeply impact a person’s self-esteem and self-confidence. We want our young people with epilepsy to be empowered by their epilepsy and not feel embarrassed or ashamed. It is hard to believe that a summer camp experience can address this huge issue, yet it does.  While it is part of our mission to eliminate the financial burden to our camper families, the cost to offer this experience still very much exists. That is why we are reaching out to community members like you. Our request is simple; be a “Camp Champ” and your dollars will go right to work in the hearts and minds of campers with epilepsy.  Make your gift online OR Download our Camp Champ Giving Society Form and mail in your donation.

You can pick the level that is right for you from the different levels of the Camp Champ Giving Society
When you choose the Buddy Level of higher, we will list your name right here on our Camp Discovery webpage.  Additionally, following camp season, your name will be added to a custom wall plaque under your corresponding level of support. 
Everyone that walks through the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan will know that YOU are a Camp Champ.  We’ll even send you a special gift when you donate at the Buddy Level or higher – a 5” plush moose to keep or to send to someone you love!

Buddy Level ($100- $249)
Having the buddy-system at camp is essential. So is your support. Having a buddy comes in handy on walks to the cafeteria and in the swimming pool. Our campers learn to rely on each other and form bonds that last well beyond the last day of camp.

Compass Level ($250- $499)
A compass can really be useful at camp in determining where you are headed. Like a compass, we believe our camping program will offer a child with epilepsy direction throughout their life and journey with epilepsy.

Canoe Level ($500- $999)
Boating continues to be one of the most popular activities at camp. A canoe keeps campers afloat and enjoying their beautiful surroundings. Much like a canoe, camp helps to keep campers afloat even with the weight of managing a medical condition.

Treehouse Level ($1,000- $1,999)
There is nothing quite like sitting in a treehouse to give you the peace and serenity that is often needed while trying to manage daily life with epilepsy. Our camp experience has an actual tree house, and it is used exactly for that purpose…to escape, feel peace and (of course) have fun.

Campfire Level ($2,000+)
Every camp experience begins and ends with a campfire. Campfires provide a unique opportunity to reflect on the day and connect with those around you. A continuous circle forms around a campfire; it is a symbol of the continuous and ongoing support that is essential to managing epilepsy and campers living their very best life. Your support is the spark that makes everything else possible.

Thank You For Becoming A Camp Champ!

Buddy Level

Keith & Gerri Middaugh
T. Kelley-Davis
Peggie & Dennis Pedenelli
Jeff Wilson
Bob & Louise Schroeder
Michael Bland
Brent & Cindy Busscher
Bill & Ginny Ames
Diane Brooks
Alice Beery

Compass Level
Walter Baughman III
Carol Kopek
The Moo Family

Canoe Level
Anonymous Donor
Beene Garter, LLP

Treehouse Level
Michael Nigro, DO
Henry Woloson

Campfire Level
The Epps Family
Anonymous Donor