PACES in Epilepsy

Program of Active Consumer Engagement in Self-Management

PACES in Epilepsy is an eight-week phone-based program that brings together a small group of adults with epilepsy to work toward improved self-management and quality of life. Each session involves education, group discussion, and goal setting. The group is facilitated by a psychologist who works at a local comprehensive epilepsy center and an adult with epilepsy.

Topics discussed over the eight-week program include the following:


  • Epilepsy and other medical issues
  • Stress and depression
  • Memory and cognition
  • Community participation on a budget
  • Managing care
  • Assertive communication
  • Improving well-being

PACES in Epilespy is an evidence-based program developed by researchers at the University of Washington and is part of the CDC's Managing Epilepsy Network

We are hoping to start a PACES in Epilepsy group in January of 2019. For more information or to join this group, please contact Russ Derry at 800-377-6226 ext. 1302 or