This holiday season, we have the honor of sharing Zé's story.  As you get to know Zé, we encourage you to think about how you can support our mission in a meaningful way. 

Your support saves lives.

The beginning...

My name is Amy and I am Zé’s mom.  It was Christmas 2012 and Zé was six years old.  As I was taking dinner out of the oven, I heard an unfamiliar sound from the living room—something like a gurgling. I turned to see Zé convulsing. I dropped everything and ran to him. He was blue. I picked him up and held him against me. He continued to seize. I panicked. Ricardo, Zé’s father, dialed 9-1-1. I cleared Zé’s airway and he began to vomit. He could not form a word, let alone sentences. He slurred his speech as I held him and the right side of his face was drooping. The paramedics arrived and transported him to the ER. Doctors there speculated it was a febrile seizure and sent us home.Two hours later, he was seizing again.  CLICK HERE to read more about Zé’s journey and how the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan has helped him and his family.

We believe in hope and the power it possesses to bring change. With your help, this hope will lead to an end to epilepsy. Please support these efforts and make your gift today.