Bring Hope for Children, Adults, and Families.

Please take a moment to read Cindy & Morgan's story HERE.

They have endured countless challenges due to their epilepsy, and we are so thankful that we have been
able to provide the guidance they needed.

The number of people affected by epilepsy continues to grow every year, and so does the demand for our mission.
This is why we need your support as we strive to serve the many children, adults, and families that need us. 
No one should ever feel alone in this journey.

Please make a meaningful gift today. Your willingness to be part of our mission will chane lives like the Busschers',
who plan to use all that they have been through to help others. Morgan told me, "I want others...especially other know they are not alone! I also want other people to know that there is hope especially when things are not going well." 

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