School Nurse Awareness Campaign
Does your school have a nurse?

If you live in Michigan, chances are the answer is no.

A child with a seizure disorder may face challenges in school. Epilepsy is a neurological condition characterized by seizures, but seizures may take different forms. On many occasions school behavior is misinterpreted and misdiagnosed because school officials as well as teachers don’t understand epilepsy. While epilepsy may require the school to make accommodations for the consequences of this special health condition, it may lack the internal resources to support these medical accommodations. Lack of availability of school nurses challenge the school to provide for children with seizure disorders.

  • Michigan’s ratio of school nurses to students is 1 nurse for every 6,607 students according to new survey
  • The National Association of School Nurses and Healthy People 2010 recommend 1:750 for well students; more where there are children with chronic or complex needs.
  • Michigan ranks last in the nation, in the ratio of nurses to students. This includes all the states and the territories.

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