Epilepsy Entertainment Gatherings
Although it can sometimes feel as if you are the only person dealing with the challenges associated with epilepsy, you are not alone. The EEG (Epilepsy Entertainment Gatherings) Program offers social events for individuals with epilepsy and their families. These events provide excellent opportunities to meet others affected by epilepsy, share ideas and experiences, make new friends, and have a great time.

No EEG Events are currently scheduled.  

 "I would say from a mother's standpoint that finding the EEG program was a true blessing. Knowing that there are other families out there that are experiencing the same things and being able to get together and have fun is such a great feeling. Talking with parents, kids, and the EEG staff has been a true blessing. I think it really brings families together and starts new friendships as well." ~ MaryAnne, parent of a teen with epilepsy