What We Do
The Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan leads the fight to stop seizures. We do this by helping people with epilepsy and those who care for them to better manage this neurological condition. We also support research to develop new treatments for epilepsy and eventually find a cure.
Managing seizures, however, is only a part of this fight. We also recognize the profound impact epilepsy can have on social and emotional well-being, memory and thinking, physical health, school and job performance, and self-sufficiency. As such, we equip people with the information, skills, and resources they need to reach their personal goals and minimize epilepsy’s impact on daily life.
Society creates a number of barriers that can block the success of people with epilepsy. Public misunderstanding and stigma, discrimination, limited access to specialty care and medication, and inadequate public transportation are just a few of these barriers. The Foundation fights to clear a path to success by advocating for public policies that support rather than limit people with epilepsy. We also promote public awareness and understanding of this complex condition.
The Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan has a passionate and well-educated staff and a devoted team of volunteers, all of whom contribute to the fight against seizures. We offer a variety of educational, social, and supportive services to promote the goal of “Not Another Moment Lost to Seizures.”
Please take some time to learn about the services listed below. We hope to hear from you!

Community Education

Epilepsy Management

Social Opportunities


Collaborative Efforts