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2020 Virtual Wellness & Epilepsy Conference Recorded Sessions:

Day 1

Inspirational Address - Lemons to Lemonade: Turning Challenges into Action
Jon and Hailey Scheinman 

Aim for Zero: Finding Your Path Toward Seizure Freedom - Sponsored by Henry Ford Comprehensive Epilepsy Center
Asad Yousuf, MD – Epileptologist, Henry Ford Comprehensive Epilepsy Center 

The Genetics of Epilepsy
Nancy McNamara, MD – Pediatric epileptologist, Michigan Medicine C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital

Day 2

Effective Patient-Physician Partnership for Improved Epilepsy Care - Sponsored by Beaumont Children's
Andrew Zillgitt, DO – Epileptologist, Beaumont Health
Alexandra Shaw, MD – Pediatric epileptologist, Beaumont Children’s
Cheri Compton – Adult with epilepsy

Medications Open Forum
Ayman Haykal, MD – Epileptologist, Spectrum Health
Iqbal Allarakhia, MD – Pediatric epileptologist, Ascension
Maggie Faraj, PharmD – Pharmacist, CAZMA and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Jenn Brown – Parent of young adult with epilepsy

Nurturing Mental Health in the Midst of Uncertainty
Andrea Thomas, MA, LLP – Psychologist, Henry Ford Comprehensive Epilepsy Center
Renee Roederer – Helpline Consultant, Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan

2020 Virtual Back to School Conference Recording

Maximizing Quality of Life in Pediatric Epilepsy Care
Daniel Fain, MD – Pediatric Epileptologist, Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital

Communication and Teamwork to Improve Health Outcomes
Suad Khalil, MD – Pediatric Epileptologist, Michigan State University
Nicole Fitzpatrick – Parent of a Teen with Epilepsy

Seizure Management in the School
Naznin Mahmood, MD – Pediatric Epileptologist, Children’s Hospital of Michigan

Accommodations and Academic Supports: Approaches that Work
Angela DeBastos, PhD – Pediatric Neuropsychologist, Beaumont Children’s
Kimberly Tufnell – Retired Director of Special Education and Person with Epilepsy
Becky Bigelow – Special Education Teacher and Parent of a Child with Epilepsy

2020 Epilepsy Innovation Conference Week Recorded Sessions

Day 1

The Sound of Seizures: Developing an Audio-Triggered Seizure Detection App
Maysaa Basha, MD – Epileptologist, Detroit Medical Center/Wayne State University Comprehensive Epilepsy Program

COVID-19 and Epilepsy: Facts and Fears
Angel Hernandez, MD – Pediatric Epileptologist, Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital

Day 2

Enhancing Quality of Life Through Technology
Evan Tank, DO – Epileptologist, Spectrum Health
Michael Wolff, PsyD, ABPdN – Neuropsychologist, BRAINS
Susan Woolner, CPXP – Neurosciences Patient and Caregiver Support Coordinator, Mercy Health Hauenstein Neurosciences
Elizabeth Stout – Young Adult with Epilepsy; Youth Consultant, Michigan Pediatric Epilepsy Project

Day 3

What's New in Epilepsy Treatment
David Burdette, MD – Epileptologist, Spectrum Health

Day 4

Dietary Therapies for Epilepsy: New Research & New Strategies
Adriana Tanner, MD – Epileptologist, Mercy Health Hauenstein Neurosciences

Day 5

Current and Future Transportation Options to Support Independence
Mounzer Kassab MD, MA – Epileptologist, Michigan State University
Sarah Green – ADA Administrator/Travel Trainer, The Rapid
Ani Grigorian, MSW – Mobility Consultant

2019 Wellness & Epilepsy Conference Videotaped

Mind Games: Playing to Win! (PowerPoint slides available upon request
Joy D. Calloway, MBA, MHSA, Public Speaker ~ Corporate Trainer ~ Problem Solver
Member, Board of Directors - Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan
From Hope to Help: Transforming Research into Therapies (PowerPoint slides available upon request
Brandy Fureman, PhD, Vice President of Research and New Therapies; Epilepsy Foundation

New Treatment Review: Cannabidiol, Deep Brain Stimulation, and Laser Ablation (PowerPoint slides available upon request
Gregory Barkley, MD – Epileptologist; Henry Ford Comprehensive Epilepsy Center
Ellen Air, MD, PhD – Neurosurgeon; Henry Ford Comprehensive Epilepsy Center

2019 Back to School Conference: Videotaped Sessions

Appropriate Epilepsy Care: from Diagnosis to Treatment
Amanda Weber, DO - Children's Hospital of Michigan          PowerPoint Slides

Epilepsy & School Performance: Challenges and Strategies - Anne Marie Michon, CPNP-PC; Hayley Loblein, MA; Christina Davis; Kari Jo Wagner

College & Career Planning Open Forum - Anne Doyle, LPC; Christie Gough, MA, LPC, NCC; Elizabeth Stout

2018 Wellness & Epilepsy Conference: Videotaped Sessions

Keynote Address

Stacia Kalinoski - Documentary Filmmaker

Causes of Epilepsy: How Etiology Influences Prognosis & Treatment
Andrew Zillgitt, DO - Beaumont Neurosciences   

Cannabis for Epilepsy: Navigating Uncharted Territory
Gregory Barkley, MD – Henry Ford Comprehensive Epilepsy Center
Jules Constantinou, MD – Henry Ford Comprehensive Epilepsy Center
Evangelos Litinas, MD – Om of Medicine
Ben Rosman – PSI Labs

2017 Wellness & Epilepsy Conference: Videotaped Sessions

Keynote Address
Joyce Bender - Bender Consulting Services

Epilepsy Research: Accelerating New Therapies 
Kathleen Farrell, MB BCh BAO, Director of Clinical Research - Epilepsy Foundation - Presentation Slides
Jason Schwalb, MD, Neurosurgeon - Henry Ford Comprehensive Epilepsy Program - Presentation Slides

Medications for Epilepsy: Choices, Chances, and Changes
Rohit Marawar, MD, epileptologist - DMC Harper University Hospital - Presentation Slides
Kari Vavra Janes, PharmD, BCPS, Pharmacist - Ferris State University - Presentation Slides

2016 Wellness & Epilepsy Conference: Videotaped Sessions

Keynote Address
Chanda Gunn - Olympic Hockey Medalist

The Nature of Epilepsy: Research Highlights
William Stacey, MD, PhD– University of Michigan Health System
Yu Wang, MD, PhD - University of Michigan Health System

Beyond Medications: Advances in Epilepsy Treatment
David Burdette, MD - Spectrum Health

2015 Wellness & Epilepsy Conference: Videotaped Sessions

Keynote Address
Tony Coelho - former U.S. Congressman and primary sponsor of the ADA

Advances in Epilepsy Neurodiagnostics and Neuroimaging
Andrew Zillgitt, DO - Henry Ford Health System     Presentation Slides  (due to large file size, this may take several minutes to open)
Eishi Asano, MD, PhD - Children's Hospital of Michigan     Presentation Slides

Epilepsy Open Forum
David Burdette, MD - Spectrum Health
Anastasia Luniova, MD - Helen DeVos Children's Hospital

Management of Nocturnal Seizures
Nicholas Beimer, MD – University of Michigan Health System
Sucheta Joshi, MD – University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital
Neeraj Kaplish, MD - University of Michigan Health System

Medical Marijuana for Epilepsy
Zahra Abbas – Adult with Epilepsy 
Gregory Barkley, MD – Henry Ford Health System
Michael Komorn – Komorn Law; Michigan Medical Marijuana Association
Evangelos Litinas, MD, MBA – Om of Medicine

2014 Wellness & Epilepsy Conference: Videotaped Sessions

2011 Wellness & Epilepsy Conference- Pediatric Track

2012 Wellness & Epilepsy Conference - Keynote Address: Martha Curtis, Concert Violinist