Michigan Research Initiative
As an affiliate of our national Epilepsy Foundation, the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan contributes to the national research efforts in place to broaden the treatment options for people with epilepsy, and search for a cure. 

In 2008, The Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan has established the Michigan Epilepsy Research Initiative, seeding it with $10,000.  This initiative allows the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan to support research through the Epilepsy Foundation and its partnerships, such as the Epilepsy Research Foundation, a partnership of the Epilepsy Foundation and the Epilepsy Therapy Development Project. 

A new approach by the national Epilepsy Foundation allows an affiliated organization to support any research projects that have been determined to be worthy by an extensive peer review process.  The Board of the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan decided to give priority to research conducted by Michigan scientists. 

We recognize that we have several world class research institutions and scientists in our state, and we’d like to support them.  We want to see Michigan become a leader in epilepsy research.  We also recognize that we need to encourage more young people into neurology, and the national research program has done a great job of bringing young researchers into the field. 

Past Awards to Michigan Researchers

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