Community Education
Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan is committed to increasing awareness of epilepsy among professionals and the public. Community understanding and support can play a key role in improving the lives of people with epilepsy. This includes the ability to recognize different types of seizures and respond appropriately. It also includes recognizing that epilepsy can be a lot more than just seizures.
Through a variety of services, the Foundation reduces stigma, corrects misconceptions, and provides professionals with tools and information to help their clients with epilepsy succeed. These services include the following:
Seizure Smart – tailored epilepsy awareness and first aid trainings for a variety of audiences, including school staff, first responders, professionals serving seniors, and more; specialized training on emergency medication use and other topics is also available; contact Cindy Leino-Handford (ext. 1234)

Seizure Smart for Kids – a brief epilepsy awareness presentation for kids in grades K-5; contact Cindy Leino-Handford (ext. 1234)
Take Charge of the Facts – a 45-minute epilepsy awareness training for middle school and high school students; contact  Cindy Leino-Handford (ext. 1234)

Managing Students with Seizures: A Training for School Nurses – a three-hour training for school nurses on managing epilepsy; contact Cindy Leino-Handford (ext. 1234) to schedule an in-person training, or take the online course.

Seizure Training for School Personnel was developed as a part of the School Nurse Training Program in response to the need for a consistent educational tool to help promote a positive social and educational environment for students living with seizures and epilepsy. This 60-minute online training can be taken by classroom teachers, special education teachers, librarians, teacher assistants, school bus drivers, aides, and other staff members or volunteers in grades K-12. School personnel can also receive continuing education units for this training.

First Responder Training - free online courses are available for Law Enforcement personnel and EMS personnel; contact Cindy Leino-Handford (ext. 1234) to schedule an in-person training 

Seniors & Seizures Training - a free online training for those who care for seniors with epilepsy (note: you must create an account to access the course); participants can earn 1.0 continuing nursing education unit (CNE) and 0.1 continuing education unit (CEU) by completing the course; in-person trainings can also be scheduled by contacting Cindy Leino-Handford (ext. 1234)
Here for You Helpline – face-to-face, phone, or email consultation to help professionals and interested individuals learn more about epilepsy and its management
Learn & Share Conference Calls – monthly conference calls featuring expert speakers and sharing of ideas on a variety of epilepsy-related topics
Wellness & Epilepsy Conference – annual conference featuring a keynote speaker, health fair, networking reception, and expert-led educational sessions on wellness and epilepsy management

Challenge of the Year - each year, the Foundation selects a significant epilepsy-related problem to address over the course of a year; this includes raising community awareness of the nature and extent of the problem and what people can do to help