Learn & Share Conference Call - Assessing and Addressing Cognitive Function in Epilepsy
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Oct 2, 2019; 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

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Guest Speakers: 
Evan Tank, DO – epileptologist
Spectrum Health
Velisa Johnson, PhD – pediatric neuropsychologist
Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital

In a needs assessment survey conducted by Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan, memory problems had a bigger impact on quality of life for people with epilepsy than seizures. Despite this, cognitive function does not get nearly the attention among healthcare providers and patients as seizure control does. Dr. Tank and Dr. Johnson will discuss the importance of accurate and timely assessment of cognitive function in people with epilepsy; the different tools that can assist in this regard; and the many medical and behavioral strategies to help minimize the impact of problems with memory, attention, processing speed, language, and executive function. 

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