Learn & Share Webinar: Smartphone Apps and Online Tools for Managing Epilepsy
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Jul 11, 2018; 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

online or over the phone

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With the rapid growth in personal technology and online resources over the past 20 years, people with epilepsy now have a wide range of digital and electronic tools to help them manage their condition. During this webinar, Dr. John Hixson, an epileptologist from UCSF, will provide an overview of some of the available smartphone apps and web-based tools that can be used to enhance safety and epilepsy self-management. This includes seizure detection and alert technologies, seizure tracking tools, and more.

A web link, call-in number, and passcode will be emailed to you upon registration. NOTE: Those without internet access can still participate by simply calling in. Contact Russ Derry at 800-377-6226 ext. 1302 for details. 
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